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How to Choose the Correct Replacement Liner for Above Ground Pools

Above ground swimming pool liners are a functional part of the swimming pool, but also add style and character. Above ground pool liners are available in an amazing selection of attractive patterns and styles, and often set the décor for the entire swimming pool area.

When it's time to replace your pool vinyl liner, Acme Pool Specialists takes all of the necessary measurements to assure a proper fit. Vinyl liners allow a great variety of pool shapes, as you can see in the pictures on our pool photo gallery. Vinyl liners also accommodate features like pool step entries, and corner benches. Vinyl pool liners have a 15 year warranty, talk to Acme Pool Specialists about the details.

1. Determine what type of pool liner you need, an overlap style liner, or a beaded style liner. The difference between them is the way the liner is held in place inside the swimming pool.

* Beaded style liners have a very small groove, or lip, at the top edge of the liner. This small lip is snapped into a track all the way around the inside of the swimming pool at the very top of the pool wall, to hold the pool liner in place. If your swimming pool requires a beaded pool liner, you will be able to see this track by looking under the top rail on the inside of the above ground swimming pool. There are different beads, so be sure to select the proper one.

* Overlap style liners are folded over the wall of the swimming pool, and held in place underneath the top rail of the above ground swimming pool. If your swimming pool requires an overlap style liner, you can see a small amount of the pool liner under the top rail on the outside of the swimming pool.

2.Determine what grade (thickness) of pool liner you require. The thickness generally indicates how durable the pool liner is, and how long it might last inside a swimming pool. The thicker the pool liner material is, the more durable (and more expensive) it will be.

3.Choose your design. While most new pools come with a standard blue liner, replacement liners are available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns.


 * The pool liner included with most new above ground swimming pools is plain blue color, and a 20-gauge thickness. This is a standard pool liner, and will perform well and look geat for years.

 * Installing a replacement pool liner yourself can be much more complicated than it might seem. If not handled carefully during installation, or if not installed properly, your beautiful new pool liner might quickly tear or leak. If you have never seen or helped with the liner replacement process or the installation of a new swimming pool your should pay a professional to install your new liner this time. Watch closely and ask questions, and you will be prepared for next time!
* Replacement swimming pool liners for above ground pools can be found in thicknesses up to 25 gauge. Be aware that this is only a measure of the thickness of the pool wall material. The floor of the pool liner may be thinner material. The reason for this is that when a swimmer is in the water, they weigh almost nothing as most of their body consists of water. The walls should be thicker because the sun will shine directly onto the part of the liner that is not under the water and wear it out sooner.

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