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Replacement Vinyl Inground Pool Liners                   



From time to time, pools, like houses, need makeovers. You'll be amazed what a new liner or a renovation can do to the appearance of your backyard. You'll fall in love with your pool all over again.

All liner replacements include:

  • Choice of patterns
  • Draining, removal & disposal of old liner
  • Reconditioning* of pool walls and floor
  • Replacement of gaskets and faceplates (as necessary)
  • Installation of new liner
  • Re-filling of pool (with owner's water)
  • Cut in of all openings
  • Opening or start-up of pool by estimate as requested

*In some cases, after the removal of the old liner, the walls and the bottom of the pool may need additional repair work. Any additional repair will be performed by estimate upon customer approval.


We Specialize in Custom Inground Vinyl Pool Liners. Let our fully trained sales professionals create a painless and positive buying experience. 24 hr Quote turn around, computerized A-B measuring system, available samples and the friendliest liner consultants to make replacing your pool liner easy.


Acme Pool Specialists
In-Ground Vinyl Liners

Blue Granite - Full Pattern Blue Marble - Full Pattern Pool Liner Blue Mosaic - Full Pattern Inground Pool Liner Tulum Tile Blue Granite Pool Liner Cambridge Tile Prism Pool Liner
Blue Granite - Full Pattern
20  Gauge
Blue Marble - Full Pattern
20 Gauge
Blue Mosaic - Full Pattern
20  Gauge
Tulum Tile / Blue Granite
20 Gauge
Cambridge Tile / Prism
20 Gauge

Cancun Tile Blue Granite Liner Mountain Top Tile Blue Mosaic Liner Prism Full Pattern Liner Ceasar's Palace Tile Prism Pool Liner Cheyenne Tile Crystal Liner
Cancun Tile / Blue Granite
20  Gauge
Mountain Top Tile /
Blue Mosaic
20 & 30 Gauge
Prism - Full Pattern
20 & 30 Gauge
Ceasar's Palace Tile
20 &  Gauge
Cheyenne Tile / Crystal
30/20 Gauge

CobbleStone Full Pattern Liner Crystal Full Pattern Inground Pool Liner Crystal Wave Tile Aquario Liner Crystal Wave Full Pattern Inground Pool Liner Dynastie Tile Blue Granite Pool Liner
CobbleStone - Full Pattern
30 Gauge
Crystal - Full Pattern
20 & 30 Gauge
Crystal Wave Tile /
27 Gauge
Crystal Wave - Full Pattern
27 Gauge
Dynastie Tile /
Blue Granite
30 Gauge

Fresco II Full Pattern Liner SandStone Full Pattern Indigo Marble Tile Blue Granite Liner Inverness Tile Blue Marble Inground Pool Liner Moonstruck Tile Moonstruck Inground Pool Liner
Fresco II - Full Pattern
30 Gauge
SandStone - Full Pattern
30 Gauge
Indigo Marble Tile /
Blue Granite
30/20 Gauge
Inverness Tile / Blue Marble
20 & 30 Gauge
Moonstruck Tile /
30 Gauge




Replacement vinyl liners are the core of our business, and is what we do, and do well. Acme Pool Specialists can replace vinyl swimming pool liners for every make, model and brand of pool including:

* Buster Crabbe  ,  Kayak
* Buster Crab      , Olympic
* Cardinal           , Wilkes 
* Champion         , Hendon
* Clayton Lambert                              
* Cornelius
* Esther Williams
* Fort Wayne
* Fox
* Foxx
* Foxxx
* Haughs
* Heldor
* Hydra
* Imperial
* Kafko
* Major Sparten
* Pacific
* Polly Pools
* Pool Technology
* Pool Tech
* Polynesian
* Signature
* Sparten
* Sparten Major
* Trojan