In-Ground Pools



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  In-ground Pools


All In-ground Pool Kits include these quality components:


Image of Pool WallOur  wall panels are reinforced for superior strength. These panels will not rust, corrode, or crack. Even better, each panel is lightweight for trouble-free installation.








Acrylic pool step system

Acme Pools offers high-quality thermoplastic pool steps that are built to last a lifetime. An exclusive one-piece design ensures these four-stair systems will never splinter, corrode, or puncture. Molded non-slip tread promises safe footing during entry and exit, with built-in seats positioned on either side of the bottom step. Choose from curved or straight step systems to match any Blue Wave pool shape.

Wide-mouth skimmer, dual anti-entrapment main drains, and float line set

Image of skimmers, main drainMost pool packages only include one skimmer, which can lead to water problems. But because circulation is critical to keeping pool water clean and clear, Blue Wave includes two wide-mouth skimmers and three return fittings. Blue Wave skimmers are NSF/ANSI standard-approved, while our dual main drains are anti-entrapment-rated to ensure total safety.


Blue Wave delivers a 100-ft. long, 1 ½-" diameter flex hose with each in-ground pool, suitable for miscellaneous plumbing, skimmers, or main drains.

Bull-Nosed Aluminum Coping

Each Blue Wave in-ground pool has an attractive white bull-nosed aluminum coping that forms the top lip of the pool, and acts as perimeter for the pool deck. This high-quality coping will withstand the worst weather conditions, and serves as a strong track for a vinyl pool liner.

In-ground three-step stainless steel ladder

Image of ladder handrail
Made from high-quality stainless steel to withstand rain, sun, chlorine, and cold, the I-90" OD tubing is strong enough to enable secure entry and exit from the pool. Both the ladder and the handrail include deck anchors.

Acme Pools in-ground pool packages at a glance:


Emerald In-Ground Pool
• Rectangle, 2' radius
• Super-strong aluminum construction
• Fits nicely in most backyards


Grecian Pool Outline
Grecian In-Ground Pool
• Super-strong aluminum construction
• Classic shape looks great anywhere


Ell In-Ground Pool
• Radius corners
Super-strong aluminum construction
• Unique shape allows ample room for playing

Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis Pool Outline

Desert Oasis In-Ground Pool
• Super-strong aluminum construction
• Beautiful freeform shape