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Enjoy the clearest, cleanest water in your spa and pool. Keeping your water refreshingly clean is the job of your pool filter. Replace or upgrade your pool filter, when the old pool filter can no longer remove impurities such as body oils, sunscreen, leaves, hair, grass, and bacteria from the water. Acme Pool Specialists has a large selection of swimming pool and spa filters to choose from. High efficiency pool filters from three different filter technologies are available ‑ Cartridge, D.E. and Sand Pool Filters.

When replacing or upgrading a pool filter, be sure to purchase based on size rather than type. Always go with a pool filter that is at least one size larger than you think youll need. For pool filter product information contact Acme Pool Specialists. We have service technicians who are fully qualified to service or upgrade your pool equipment.



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Perflex® Systems - D. E. Filters (LITPERABG08)
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Pro™ Series High Rate Sand Filters (LITPROABG10)
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Pro™ Series Top-Mount Sand Filters (LITPROTM10)






Adobe Acrobat file Pro™ Series High Rate Sand Filters (LITPROABG10)