Pool Deck


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Pool Deck

We can remove your old cracked/uneven concrete and pour a new deck. The new concrete is poured over a crushed stone base with reinforcing rebar as needed.
Decorative concrete has opened the door to creating swimming pool decks that complement the exterior of the home, meld with the outdoor environment, and replicate traditionally more expensive materials such as slate, stone or even wood. Pools and decks are becoming more specialized with a stronger emphasis on aesthetics, transforming the pool and backyard area into a mini resort with lighting, sound systems, spas, waterfalls and fountains. Today’s space-challenged backyards have also led to a trend in smaller swimming pools,
enhanced by leisure areas that extend the indoor living space.

While a pool deck may essentially look and function like a patio, it has unique requirements for slip resistance, sun reflectivity and orientation. Use this site for guidelines to designing a concrete pool deck that suits almost any setting, budget and lifestyle, whether you want to entertain, keep cool, exercise or create a peaceful water-themed oasis.


A natural finish with Stamped Concrete

A Stamped concrete pool deck gives you a natural brick, stone, rock, or even wood pattern around your pool. Stamped concrete is done during the original placement of the concrete, at a point where the concrete is soft but firm enough to hold its shape, a rubber mat or pattern is stamped into the surface and removed then the concrete is left to set up or harden.

Colors are often added into the concrete itself but can also be added to its surface after the concrete has cured. Generally a sealant or coating is then applied to protect the concrete's surface and make it easy to maintain and clean.

Stamped concrete is a premium finish but much less than a natural stone or tile finish. It is no wonder why stamped concrete is one of the most popular choices for a pool deck surround.

Even though the installation method is similar for most stamped concrete projects, it is the variety of colors and textures that allow for literally thousands of design choices.