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Pool Demolition Service


Acme Pools Specialists has been a leader in the pool industry for over 25 years. Located in Michigan and serving Ohio as well ,we are a family owned and operated pool demolition contractor. Fully licensed and insured , we have the experience and equipment necessary to make your backyard a safer place, easier to maintain or easier to sell. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is the number one reason nearly all of our customers are referred to us by past customers or professionals in the pool or real estate industry who respect our work. 
 There is no swimming pool too small or big for Acme Pool Specialists. We are prepared for anything! We can handle any size swimming pool demolition projects and permits! We know that every swimming pool and customer is unique, and that is why we can tailor to your pool demolition and your needs. Not every pool needs to be completely demo and removed. You can save money by making to right choice from the beginning and we are hear to help you make the right decision in you swimming pool removal. Our experts at Acme Pool Specialists are trained and licensed to operate all of our equipment, and will be able to provide exceptional swimming pool demolition and removal.

Whatever your reason, the decision to remove your swimming pool is an important one. A swimming pool can be a liability forever if not properly removed. There are two approaches to pool removal, and you should understand them before making your decision. Quite frankly, you get what you pay for:


Is your pool turning off buyers?

Removing an existing swimming pool could help you sell your home. It definitely adds to the number potential buyers, (people who don't want pools) and can reduce the amount of time a home is for sale . In this current buyers market, removing your pool could be a smart move considering the fact that the cost of doing so could be much less than what it will cost if your pool prevents your home from selling, or it keeps it on the market for an extended period of time. Before you put your home on the market, You might consider removing your pool. It could put tons of money in your pocket.

Our pool removal process

 We not only remove pools, but we excavate them, too. We're the experts. We take great pride in our technique for swimming pool demolition and removal.

Once you're ready to have your pool removed, we will take care of getting a building permit, if one is required. Before we begin we will disconnect your power, gas, and plumbing.

All of the water must be removed from the pool. We can pump the water out if the pool equipment is no longer functioning.

The concrete is then broken into smaller pieces and placed in dump trucks, which haul it to a concrete recycling plant. We will also haul off any unwanted equipment or decking. All evidence of the pool is completely removed. We do not leave buried any concrete, rebar, pipes or trash. We take pictures of the clean, empty hole for you to keep on file. If, at some point, you want to sell your property, the pictures will show that there is no remaining evidence of the pool.

Good fill dirt is then brought in to fill the hole. Due to our knowledge and years of experience in grading, we are able to level your yard for a perfect look and best drainage. The dirt is heavily compacted a layer at a time, leaving no danger of sinking in the future.

You can now do whatever you'd like with your new yard!



Recycling of Demolition debris:

Recycling the materials we use in our personal lives is an important part of our contribution to being environmentally conscious.  This attitude is the same one we employ during our demolition projects.   Concrete is sent to a recycling facility that crushes the material into a reusable base rock for new construction. The steel that is recycled from the project is sent to a separate but similar facility for the reformation and reuse of the steel.