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Pool Interior Resurfacing Options          

A Michigan /Ohio Pool Builder and Remodeler

Swimming pool interior resurfacing in Michigan or Ohio is one of the most common items performed when remodeling a swimming pool or spa. This is a highly specialized construction project and should be done by skilled craftsmen.
Acme Pool Specialists offers you many different options when you decide to resurface your pool. There is traditional Classic white marble plaster, Quartz plasters, exposed aggregate products that are usually referred to as a pebble sheen, or you can choose to go with our Acme Super Coat which carries a 15 year warranty. Each product will have a different price point and also have different warranties associated with it. You will need to choose the one that fits your budget and your particular situation.

Classic white plaster is usually the least expensive of all resurfacing options. It is a standard white plaster that is shot into the pool and hand trowel to a smooth white finish. With proper care and maintenance, this surface will have a life span of 3-5 years on a re-coat with a three year guarantee.

is not just a paint enhanced to withstand chemicals: it is engineered as a protective coating for the harshest environments. This exceptional "coating" was created to coat the concrete containment areas around hazardous chemical storage tanks. This hybrid epoxy has proven it can withstand harsh chemicals, constant exposure, freeze-thaw cycles and more with zero failure in industrial applications.
 Acme Super Coat is ideal for coating pools! Now this same high performance coating is available for residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.
Acme Super Coat can be used on plaster, gunite, marcite, green concrete, fiberglass and quartz aggregate pools. Use Acme One Coat to coat concrete swimming pools and discover bottom line savings and a


Imagine, a protective coating that dries fast, requires no concrete acid etching, has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS), and has a smooth professional appearance that resists fading. Acme Super Coat can be applied quicker, easier, and safer in less time than most other paints, meaning faster completion and longer durability for the owner!
No matter what interior you choose, they will all make an old outdated pool surface look great again


Why not Marcite ?

Plaster and other mortar based coatings are a thing of the past, plaster or concrete is made with water and breaks down with water, not to mention plastering your pool is costly and leaves a rough texture causing blistering of the feet. Concrete and Plaster is porous leading the growth algae, and fungi. Acme Super Coat Pool Coating System is not made with water.   


Doesn't Flake

Pebble tech or other related coatings delaminate leaving a gritty feeling on your feet when the stones pop out, this process also promotes algae growth and costs $$$$. Acme Pool Specialists Super Coat System when applied does not delaminate and fully encapsulates the flakes to prevent popping out.



The best Product Available

Acme Pool Specialists Coatings are 100% solid, non-toxic . Acme Super Coat will seal water out permanently, not redirect water to another area. When the lights go out our coatings are still there and best of all saves on electricity by not having your pump running constantly. Acme Super Coat also
reduces levels of radon and insulates keeping your pool warmer. Acme Super Coat has excellent fill qualities, resulting in a perfect application – even on imperfect surfaces. Our product applies at approx 20 mils per coat; unlike other interior coatings that apply at 2-5 mils at best.



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