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Ready to completely change the appearance of your swimming pool? Swimming pool tile replacement is a great way to give your whole backyard a fresh new look. We can do a complete swimming pool tile replacement in less than a week. If draining is a concern, lot's of times we can do just a partial drain to complete the work. We can also upgrade or repair your existing swimming pool equipment.  
  Acme Pool Specialists can bring the resort to your own backyard. See how a complete swimming pool tile replacement can add value, color and a new look to an older pool.
Tile and coping need replacement for a variety of reasons from cosmetic to structural failure. Failure results from inadequate separation between the deck and pool. Tiles can crack and fall and coping stones become loose resulting in an unstable surface and trip hazard. Replacement of tile and coping will give your pool an entirely new look.


Tile is falling off?


This could be a result of bond failure of the "mud" that was used to set the tile in. Look behind the tile for a horizontal crack. This could be evidence of a cracked beam. "Popped" tile could be the result of not having caulking in the expansion joint between the coping and the deck, allowing water to run behind the tile and freeze. Water freezing in the expansion joint itself, or a joint that is not "true" ; where the pool and deck are touching, will also cause tile to fall off, and create beam damage. If just the tile has fallen off (and not the old mud) The tile may be temporarily re-grouted back in place. Use waterproof tile grout or thinset mortar cement. If small amounts of the wall is missing, you would want to repair this before resetting tile. Use a hydraulic cement. Use rebar if the missing amount is over 2" deep.


Tile has white deposits?


 Known as efflorescence, mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium may come out of the grout or from the setting mud and deposit on the front of the tile. It may also originate from the pool water. The efflorescence can be scraped off, and/or "burned" off with a tile acid wash.


Tile is cracked?


This may be caused by a cracked bond beam, or perhaps from freezing surface water pressing against the tile during expansion. Or maybe it wasn't Frost Free pool tile to begin with.


Cleaning tile to remove the bathtub ring can be accomplished with an abrasive cleaner such as Comet.


Tile replacement:
Older pools may be in need of tile replacement or re-grouting.

Over time, the grout between the tile erodes away due to pool chemicals. This is a normal occurrence, and it is the same as needing to change the oil in your car. We commonly either re-grout pool tile or perform complete tile replacement on pools. The grout wears thin, allowing water to seep behind the tile. When the water freezes it will cause the tile to start falling off. After this happens, it is usually too late to just re-grout the tile, therefore complete tile replacement is necessary.

It is advisable to have this tile work performed at the same time your pool is going to be repainted for several reasons. Damage to existing paint is possible during the removal of old tile, and there may be a risk of staining from spilled tile-adhesive and grout.

Pricing will depend on factors such as pool size, tile type chosen, and any subsurface repair work that may be needed.


Standard remove and replace charges are  per linear foot, plus a cost per skimmer. There are a wide variety of patterns/colors to choose from.



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