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We service all makes and models of automatic swimming pool covers.

Acme Pool Specialists has served the tri-state area since 1984, specializing exclusively in automatic pool covers. Our service technicians are factory trained and fully certified. We can cover most new or existing pools, and we service and repair all makes and models of automatic covers.
Acme Pool Specialists has used state-of-the-art technology in the swimming pool cover industry for over 20 years. Our Automatic Pool Cover latest advances include;

Let's talk pool safety...

As strong advocates of pool safety, Acme Pools recommends multiple layers of protection, but Acme also feels a responsibility to inform consumers that all “layers of protection” are not equal, so if you are considering one or more of these safety options, here are some facts you should know:

* Fences provide a substantial degree of protection in that they, at least, slow down an inquisitive five-year-old who has made up his mind to access the pool by stacking furniture, using a device to “flip” a gate latch, or finding some other creative way to get to a pool, but the two biggest problems associated with this type of barrier are that a fence isolates the pool deck, not the water itself and, from a distance, it may be impossible to tell whether a partially closed gate is actually latched. In addition, if your house is the fourth side of your pool fence, the fence may help too.
* Sophisticated Pool Alarms that utilize infra-red technology and sound a warning when an object disturbs the surface of the water, certainly help, but false alarms are common and drowning statistics reveal a couple of frightening facts:
1. it only takes seconds for a child to drown and
2. in the majority of instances, the time in which drowning victims five years of age and under were away from adult supervision was less than five minutes.
* Winter safety covers may provide excellent barrier protection during the winter because they isolate the water, not just the pool area. Unfortunately, the time it takes to put a winter safety cover in place makes this option very inconvenient for daily, in-season use. Consequently, during the swim season, they are not a practical solution to securing a pool.
* Automatic covers, sometimes referred to as “horizontal fences" provide the best level of protection in that they:
1. isolate the water,
2. support the weight of several adults, and
3. can be extended in seconds.
In addition, unlike a partially-closed gate, from a considerable distance, it is possible to observe whether or not an automatic cover has been fully extended over a pool. And since an automatic cover isolates (hides) the water from view, the natural attraction that water poses to most children is eliminated. How effective is an automatic cover? To our knowledge, although hundreds of thousands of automatic covers have been installed, there has been no recorded incident of a child drowning in a pool protected by an A.S.T.M certified, functional automatic cover system. That's a perfect safety record!



The right Cover At The Best Price.

Our Replacement Pool Cover will work on any manufacturer’s pool cover system. Just tell us which manufacturers pool cover system you have (or describe it to us), and our staff will get you the right cover for your pool.



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