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Fiberglass Pool Construction


Fiberglass pools are a popular option for homeowners looking to add a stylish inground swimming pool to their property quickly. These pre-manufactured pools are constructed from a single piece of molded fiberglass, offering a unique set of benefits compared to vinyl liner and concrete pools. If you’re thinking about getting a new pool in your backyard, here are a few reasons why fiberglass inground pools might be the right choice for you.

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Fiberglass Inground Pools are Quick & Easy

Fiberglass Pools Installation

One of the major advantages of fiberglass pools is their quick and easy installation process. Unlike vinyl and concrete pools that require a longer construction timeline, fiberglass pools can be installed in just a few weeks. This means you can start enjoying your new pool much sooner. The pre-manufactured fiberglass shell is delivered to your property and then lowered into the excavated hole. Once it’s in place, the pool is backfilled and the surrounding area is landscaped to your preference. Keep construction time at a minimum and start your swimming sooner by shopping for our inground fiberglass pools.

Energy Efficient Inground Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass inground pools are more energy-efficient than other types of pools as they tend to retain heat better. This can help you save on heating costs in the long run especially in colder areas like Michigan when the temperatures tend to drop a bit. Inground fiberglass pools also require less maintenance than concrete, and have a non-porous surface similar to vinyl pools that inhibit algae growth making them easier to clean and with less chemicals. Additionally, the smooth surface means there’s no need for periodic resurfacing like with concrete pools. All around fiberglass pools are a favorable choice for anyone that values energy efficiency. Choosing a fiberglass vs concrete pool can save money if you plan on utilizing heating features, or prefer to keep your pool warmer.

Customizable and Attractive Designs

ACME Pool Specialist has attractive and customizable fiberglass pools for sale in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs, making it easy to find a pool that fits your backyard and personal preferences. Select customization options such as built-in steps, ledges, and tanning shelves, as well as options for water features, lighting, and more. The smooth and glossy surface of fiberglass inground pools create a vibrant, inviting look that homeowners love. From large to small fiberglass pools, we have eye-catching options that will compliment your home’s style, and your family’s recreational needs.

Durability and Longevity

Fiberglass pools are built to last, with a strong and durable construction that can withstand the test of time. Unlike vinyl liner pools, which require liner replacements periodically, pools made from fiberglass typically don’t need major repairs or renovations. However, if damage does occur, the fiberglass pool cost to repair can be more costly than vinyl liner repairs.

Homeowners who value quick installation, low maintenance, and customizable designs will want to consider investing in one of our fiberglass pools for sale. While the initial cost may be higher than vinyl, the long-term benefits of durability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance make fiberglass pools an attractive choice for many. Consider your individual needs, preferences, and budget when deciding which pool type is the best fit for your ideal swimming retreat.

Where Can I Find Fiberglass Pools Near Me?

If you’re ready to finally make your swimming pool dreams a reality this year, then contact ACME Pool Specialist today! We have options for every backyard and most budgets. As always, our team of enthusiastic professionals is here to help answer any questions you have about which type of pool is right for you and your home. Contact us today to get started and learn more.

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