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Expert Pool Cover Installation Services

Protect Your Pool & Family

At ACME Pool Specialist, we offer expert pool cover installation services to safeguard your pool, protect your investment, and reduce maintenance hassle. As your trusted Southeast Michigan swimming pool service provider, we understand the inner workings of what it takes to properly equip your pool no matter what type it is. Our automatic pool cover installation service makes it easy for you to keep your family safe, and your pool clean all year round. If you have been searching for a “pool cover installation near me”, then look no further than ACME.

Why Choose ACME Pool Specialist for Your Automatic Pool Cover Installation?

Our skilled team of pool cover installation experts has years of experience, ensuring precise and efficient installation for optimal performance. We offer a wide range of customizable pool cover options and services including automatic pool cover installation, to suit your preferences and pool dimensions, providing a seamless fit. When we build, repair or renovate a swimming pool, we work with several important factors in mind such as safety, style, efficiency, longevity and practicality. ACME makes sure you know how to utilize and operate your new pool cover after the professional pool cover installation is complete, and is always available for additional support as needed. Our pool covers are designed to fit accurately, and last through all of the seasons for years to come.

Benefits of ACME Pool Cover Installation

  • Safety & Protection: A well-installed pool cover acts as a barrier, preventing accidental falls and ensuring the safety of children and pets around the pool area.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our pool covers help retain heat, minimizing heat loss and reducing energy consumption, saving you money on heating costs.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Our pool covers are designed for easy operation and maintenance, ensuring hassle-free use throughout the year. Effortlessly keep debris and animals out of your pool with a properly fitting pool cover.

Types of Pool Covers & Materials

Pool covers come in various types and materials, each designed to serve specific purposes and cater to different swimming pool needs. From safety covers to solar covers, and automatic covers to winter covers, ACME has a wide selection of styles and functions allowing you to get all of your pool needs taken care of in one place. Pool cover installation is ideal for pool owners looking to gain extra peace of mind in keeping their children and pets safe. Our heavy-duty pool covers are designed to support the weight of people or pets, providing a secure barrier to prevent accidental falls into the pool. Our pool covers are typically made from durable materials like reinforced vinyl or mesh.


Automatic Pool Covers

Opt for the ultimate convenience with automatic pool cover installation. These user-friendly covers can be effortlessly opened or closed with a simple push of a button. Crafted from durable reinforced vinyl and equipped with a motorized roller system, they ensure smooth operation and long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually handling your pool cover and embrace the ease and efficiency of automatic covers, encouraging regular use and making them a valuable investment for your pool.

Solar & Winter Covers

Solar covers help retain heat in your pool, reducing heat loss and evaporation. They are made from lightweight materials, such as polyethylene or bubble-style materials, and are designed to absorb and retain solar energy, thereby heating the pool water. Solar covers are great for areas like MI, where temperatures can drop for a good portion of the year as they often keep pools warm enough to add a few extra months of swimming enjoyment.

Winter covers are designed to protect the pool during the off-season or winter months. They are often made from heavy-duty materials like polyethylene or vinyl and provide a protective layer against debris, leaves, and harsh weather conditions. When it is too cold to swim, winter covers help reduce wear and tear on your pool so you can protect your investment longer.

Mesh Pool Covers & Solid Pool Covers

Mesh covers allow water to pass through while blocking debris and leaves, making them suitable for winter use and providing a cleaner pool opening in the spring. They are made from high-quality mesh fabric. Solid covers provide a complete barrier, preventing sunlight and debris from entering the pool. They are often made from reinforced vinyl or polyethylene, offering excellent protection during the winter months. Depending on your home and family’s unique needs and specifications, you will want to choose one option over the other as they offer very different qualities.

If you still have questions about which pool cover is right for you and your home, give our experts a call for more information. You can describe your pool and lifestyle, and we can set up a free consultation. Making sure to protect your investment/pool is well worth it down the line. You will enjoy immediate benefits as well when you consider the reduction of cleaning, heating, worry and more.



Ready To Get Your Pool Covered?

At ACME Pool Specialist, we take pride in our expert pool cover installation services, providing tailored solutions for your pool’s safety and efficiency needs. Our experienced professionals ensure precise and efficient installations, offering a wide range of pool cover options, including automatic pool covers, customized to fit your pool perfectly. With our pool covers, you can rest assured that your pool area is safer for children and pets, and you’ll also benefit from enhanced energy efficiency and reduced maintenance, offering convenience and peace of mind with our automatic pool cover installations. Protect your pool today with our professional pool cover installation services by contacting ACME Pool Specialist today.


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